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Brick wall construction

Stay on a safe footing with our ground investigation team in Milton Keynes

Do you have a sinking feeling every time you enter a certain building? Subsidence issues can be incredibly damaging to properties. Often subsidence issues lead to complicated claims involving insurers and loss adjusters and may even result in the building being condemned. If your property has a drastically uneven floor or has large cracks in the walls you should seek expert help straight away. The subsidence specialists at Trendrevel Services Ltd can provide a thorough ground investigation that will get to the root cause of the structural problems and give you clear and practical solutions. Our team operates primarily in Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Aylesbury Vale areas but also countrywide.

Causes of ground subsidence 

Subsidence can have a number of different causes. Changes in the soil volume, soil desiccation caused by nearby trees, limestone dissolution, mine workings, soil creep, leaking water pipes or ground solution are the most common causes of subsidence. 
Red brick wall construction in progress
Brick wall under construction

Thorough ground investigations

The ground investigation surveys carried out by Trendrevel Services Ltd use a range of investigation techniques including trial pits, boreholes, dynamic probing and laboratory soils classification testing based upon which we develop remediation strategies. We’ll make sure we find the cause of the problem and provide practical ways to deal with the issue.
To organise a ground investigation or a ground subsidence survey, speak to our expert team today on 01908 365 258 (Milton Keynes) or 01395 516 552 (Sidford).
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